Ben and Adam Roberts

Ben and Adam get $6 pocket money a week each. $2 to spend and $2 to save. They save the other $2 for a year before choosing a charity to give it to. They say that they "like supporting others who are much worse off than they are and we can help them a little bit."


Join us for a day of inspirational presentations from leading changemakers from Christchurch and around New Zealand.

Changemakers Christchurch Convention

4th May 2012 Geodome, Hagley Park, Christchurch


The Changemakers Social Entrepreneur Masterclass is a four-day retreat based professional development programme hosted by senior practitioners.

Social Entrepreneur Masterclass

3rd - 6th September 2012 Vaughan Park, Long Bay


ReGeneration is a nation wide network of young changemakers. Summer Jam is our big annual get together and you’re invited!

ReGeneration Summer Jam

19th - 25th January 2013 Living Springs, Christchurch